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Sam's Academy For Excellence (SAFE) is a private school and an aftercare program for children, ages 3 - 12 (Grades PreK - 6) located in Mount Moritz, Grenada.

Our team of skilled education professionals seeks to foster a sensory rich and engaging atmosphere that provides individualized attention, discovery-based learning and creativity which awakens students’ natural curiosity and love of learning. All learning is centered around developing executive brain functions that strengthen focus, attention, problem-solving skills and enhance impulse control.

For the convenience of parents, we organise a school transportation scheme from Grand Anse to the school for both the school and the after-care program. 

Our Mission Statement 


Sam's Academy For Excellence seeks to foster a sensory-rich and engaging atmosphere that provides individualised attention, discovery-based learning and creativity which awakens students' natural curiosity and love of learning.

All  Learning is centered around developing executive brain functions that strengthen; focus, attention, problem-solving skills and enhanced impulse control.


Our Teaching Team

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Our School

Sam’s Academy For Excellence (SAFE) is owned and operated by Mrs. Samantha Williams. Mrs. Williams holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Arts from Hunter College, City University of New York and a dual Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from the same university.

SAFE is located in Mt. Moritz in the parish of St. George. The goal of this center is to provide an alternative, inclusive (general and special education) individualized approach to learning.


Age Range - Ages 4 - 12 (Grades PreK - 6)

Days and hours of operation
The school year will run from September to June based on the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education. The school day will run from Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 2:30pm.


Students are required to wear plain polo t-shirts (pastel or primary color of choice) with grey bottoms (shorts for boys and skirts for girls). Comfortable closed-toed shoes is mandatory with any socks of choice. Students wear the uniform Mondays to Thursdays and are allowed to dress-down on Fridays.

Classroom Management

SAFE will use Positive Behavior Support (PBS) throughout the program. When a student’s behavior or attitude is in conflict with the standards of the school, every effort will be made to encourage the student to demonstrate the change and improvement necessary to comply with these standards.

Subjects offered

Mathematics, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Agriculture Science, General Science, Art, Physical Education & Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.).


Sam’s Academy For Excellence will be combining the best of U.S. Common Core along with O.E.C.S. based standards for primary school education in the Caribbean. 
Mathematics will be taught using the U.S based curriculum- A Story of Units (Engage NY). 
English Language Arts wil be taught using the U.S based- Scott Foresman Reading Street Curriculum (Pearson). 
General Science will be taught using the OECS Primary Science and Technology Curriculum Guidelines (Textbook Caribbean Primary Science: MacMillan and Interactive Science: Pearson). 
Social Studies will be taught using the OECS Social Studies Curriclum Guidelines (Textbook- My World Social Studies (Pearson) and Caribbean Social Studies for Primary School.
Agricultural Science will be taught using standard OECS Curriculum Guidelines- Textbook; Caribbean Primary Agriculture.

Location and Transport

SAFE is located in Mt. Moritz in the parish of St. George.

Transportation will be provided to and from school daily. Students will be collected at Camerhogne Park in Grand Anse between 7:45am and 8am. Drop off will be at the same location at 3pm or 5pm for children staying in the after-care program.

Pick-up and drop offs are also possible along the bus route between Grand Anse and Mount Moritz. 

Class Schedule






After-Care Schedule

The aftercare program is opened to SAFE and non-SAFE students and runs Monday to Friday, 2:30 - 5:00pm. SAFE provides students with a range of recreational activities along with instructional classes, specifically in the areas of Math and Language Arts. All programs will be offered in a safe and nurturing environment facilitated by highly qualified and well trained staff.
SAFE will run on a trimester basis. Additionally, the program will operate during school breaks (i.e. Christmas, Easter and Summer) for students ranging from PreK to Grade 6, for an additional fee.

Mondays - S.T.E.A.M. Club 

Fun hands-on, project based activities can help our children solve real-world problems through out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork and research.

Tuesday - Creative Writing & Art.

Our young authors and artists will learn to write fiction, nonfiction and poetry. They will also gain a variety of illustration techniques in a collaborative and creative group setting. 

Wednesday - Reading Club.

Students will improve their literacy skills, confidence, insight, language use and creativity.

Thursday - Culinary Club

Cooking with children is a proven method to encourage healthy eating habits and nutrition, self-care and responsibility, food label awareness and so much more. Preparing them for life.

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Students can join the school at any time during the year. Parents are encouraged to download and read the enrollment form and to organize a pre-admission school visit and interview. This is also possible via phone or skype/WhatsApp if enrollment happens before moving to Grenada. Children with all abilities will be considered for enrollment. Decisions will be made on an individual basis depending on available resources to support the individual needs of students.

School Calendar 2021-2022

First Term: Sept-Dec 2021

*Start of School Year: 8th September​

*School ends at 12:00 pm: 8th- 10th            September

*Tuition Due: September 10th

*Mid-term Break: Oct 18th-22nd

*Thanksgiving: 25th October

*Staff Development Day: 25th  November

*Parent-teacher conference: 26th        November 

*End of term: 10th December

Second Term: Jan - Mar 2022

*Start of term: 10th January

*Tuition Due: January 14th 

*Field trip: 4th February

*Independence Day: 7th February

*Staff Development: February 24th

*Parent-teacher conference: February 25th

*End of term: April 8th

Third Term Apr- June 2022

*Start of term: April 26 th

*Tuition Due: April 26 th

*Labor Day: May 1st

observed on the 2nd of May

*Whit Monday: June 6 th

*Corpus Christi: June 16th

*Last Day of School: June 30th

*Start of Summer Break: July 1st

Download Our School Enrollment Forms


SAFE offers childcare during school holidays in the form of camps. All camps are opened to SAFE and non-SAFE students.

Our camps offer exciting and enriching outdoor and indoor activities as we strive to propose a variety of choices for all children to enjoy during their holidays while parents are at work. This year our 2022 summer school will be offered during July 11th- 29th (3 weeks). we will focus on assisting the students to achieve excellence in the upcoming school year.